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Rental touring equipment - 181cm - Salomon QST-06


- Ski length: 181cm
- Suitable for boot sizes from 26 to 29
- Equivalent to a man’s shoe size 8 to 11 US
- Equivalent to a woman’s shoe size 9 to 12 US
- Helmet included in the rental.
- Access to the trails is not included in the rental.
- A deposit of $300 will be taken from the rental and refunded upon return of the rental, subject to inspection of the equipment.
- Photo ID will be required in-store to take possession of touring equipment (driver’s license, health insurance or passport).
- Breakage and damage insurance available for $10.
- No modifications or repairs are permitted without the approval of Belle Neige.
- The return of the equipment must be done before the shop closes, that is before 16h.
- Read the terms and conditions carefully before renting touring equipment.

Rental touring equipment - 181cm - Salomon QST-06



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