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Unlimited season pass - WEB - Family of 4 (-10%)
Save 10%
Valid everyday of the season
Carte des 15 stations et Passeport-rabais included for each member
Age on December 31

No refund. Non-transferable.
Rates are subject to change without notice.

9 rules to respect on the mountain:
-Always remain in control.
-Give priority to persons ahead of you.
-Never remain immobile in the middle of the course. Leave this area free at all times.
-At intersections, give priority to people above you.
-Help rescuers whenever possible.
-Make sure you have adequate and properly fitting equipment.
-No drugs or alcohol.
-Obey the signage.
-Use caution in the ski lifts

Unlimited season pass - Family of 4 (-10%)

CA$823.50 +


  • Unlimited pass 21-59 YO (-10%) CA$472.50
  • Unlimited pass 13-20 YO (-10%) CA$382.50
  • Unlimited pass 6-12 YO (-10%) CA$337.50
  • Unlimited pass 0-5 YO (-10%) CA$117.00
  • Unlimited pass 60-69 YO (-10%) CA$382.50
  • Unlimited pass 70-79 YO (-10%) CA$220.50
  • Unlimited pass 80 YO + (-10%) CA$130.50

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